YouTube Video Release: History of the Gambling Capital – Las Vegas

Nowadays, Las Vegas is known as the world’s main place for gambling.

Attracting thousands of players with the bright lights of its luxurious casinos and enticing gaming halls, this Nevada city has a rich and sometimes unexpected history. In the new YouTube video, GBC Time explores the fascinating history of Las Vegas in detail.

Watch the clip to know about the darkest and most mysterious pages in Las Vegas’ history. Located nearby the Death Valley National Park, the city has a long and lasting connection to it. As the legend goes, once, there was a ruthless queen’s land. Being the ruthless rules of the land, the queen was eventually cursed by her own daughter, which created the Death Valley we know today.

Fast-forward a few centuries, and Las Vegas became a gateway to the Pacific Coast.  At the time, the mafia clans used to rule the city. Also, after watching the video you will find out how some of the most luxurious casinos were opened.

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