West’s Last Hope Dashed. Rogue Loses to JD Gaming 0:3 and Says Goodbye to LoL Worlds

It is said that hope dies last. Fans of the Western League of Legends scene were painfully convinced of the truth of this phrase today, as the last representative of the West said goodbye to Worlds 2022. Rogue lost to JD Gaming after a one-sided series and dropped out of the further battle for the Summoner's Cup.

The first game of the series, however, was not so completely dominated by the JDG – at least in the first twenty minutes, as the Rogues repeatedly showed the will to fight and at times, we watched a pretty even show. That is until the eye encountered the creep difference in the forest because there Seo "Kanavi" Jin-hyeok developed a huge advantage over Kim "Malrang" Geun-seong. However, when it came to team battles and the difference in overall gold, it did not look so disastrous.

In terms of kills, the Rogues were actually on top, and the loss of a mere two hundred gold was downright cosmetic. Problems, however, arose after the twentieth minute, when JD Gaming started to play one hundred percent as a team. From then on, every subsequent team fight left no more illusions – first in the 22nd minute, then in the 27th, when JDG scored their first Nashor. The purple reinforcement turned out to be the nail in Rogue's coffin, as the weakened Rogue players were unable to do anything in the face of the advancing rivals' five with the Baron reinforcement, and before the half-hour mark was up, they had to accept their first defeat in the series.

The first, but not the last. Game two started downright disastrously for Rogue, with a brilliantly coordinated dive on the bottom alley and the deaths of Markos "Compa" Stamkopoulos and Adrian "Trymbi" Trybus as early as the fourth minute. Admittedly, in time the European champions started to respond on the opposite side of the map, but the bot was nevertheless basically deleted. JDG's dominance started to transfer to the entire map, and as a result, this time when Nashor appeared, the two formations were already separated by more than five thousand gold.

Western League of Legends

Speaking of Nashor, it is worth mentioning that it fell to JD Gaming players as early as in the 23rd minute without any reaction from the opponents. So, 2:0 hung in the air, and although Rogue managed to fend off an attack with the top line, killing two JDG players, that was the last win for the Europeans in this clash. JD Gaming did not “jerk” the game and waited safely for the next Baron, which once again smoothly became theirs – although this time the Rogues were much closer. As it turned out, maybe even too close, because soon after capturing the purple buff, JD set off in pursuit of their rival and, after eliminating two enemy players, began the final march towards the blue Nexus.

The start of the third game mirrored the second, as this time it was Rogue who scored two eliminations on a bot in the fourth minute. The status quo continued for a few minutes until finally, JD Gaming started to come to the fore. And it was winning a 1v1 battle on the top, and destroying the first tower with the help of Herold also on the top… basically, the worst things for Rogue were happening right at the top of the map. It was a good thing, then, that we were seeing more and more action on the diametric side of the Rift because there, despite some problems, the Villains were doing not too badly and the picture of the game resembled more the one from the beginning of the whole series than what we saw in the second skirmish.

Western League of Legends

Unfortunately, the similarities did not end there. Winning a team fight in the 19th minute and leveling the kill count and moving into the gold lead heralded considerable problems for the Latvians in the following minutes. However, the LEC triumphant did not let themselves be stifled so easily and claimed their third dragon in the 25th minute after eliminating two opponents. The ensuing team battle was extremely chaotic and, although JD Gaming came out better by a hair, Nashor was still out of the question at the time.

As it turned out, capturing the purple beast wasn't even needed to decide the outcome, as in the 33rd minute the Chinese representatives picked off two Rogue players and the domino effect began. The death of Compa, then Andrei "Odoamne" Pascu, and then Trimbi meant that the JD Gaming players didn't even need to bother with Nashor – instead, they rushed to the enemy base and completed the work of destruction.

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