Twitch Rolls Out Official Policy on Slot, Roulette & Dice Streaming

As GBC Time reported earlier, Twitch has tightened its policies on gambling streams, namely on everything concerning slots, dice games, and roulette.

Nearly a month after the first announcement, on October 18, the streaming platform rolled out new guidelines for streaming on the aforementioned categories.

From now on, Twitch will block all streams of websites that include slots, dice games, and roulette and do not have a valid license from the US or other jurisdictions. It is also imperative that these sites offer player protection services, like deposit caps, waiting periods, and age verification.

Twitch has also prohibited steams associated with the following gambling brands – Stake, RollBit, DuelBits, and Roobet. The platform will take enforcement actions toward streamers who will broadcast the content from these websites. As this is a new policy and some creators may need time for understanding and adjust to the new rules, Twitch will be issuing warnings first with suspensions in some cases. The platform also warns that the list of blocked gambling brands will expand over time.

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