Top Things That Drive Casino Dealers Crazy

Working in the entertainment industry like gambling can seem like a real dream for many people. And yet, professional casino dealers who have to deal with players every day are unlikely to agree with this perception.

When they interact with gamblers, they must follow strict behavioral rules. And even if the players act quite rudely, they have no other choice but to smile and react to it in some generic manner. In this article, we will discuss some of the things casino dealers hate the most. And perhaps you will get a better idea of ​​how difficult their job is.

Winners who do not tip

If you thought dealers were getting massive salaries because casinos make a lot of money, this is not the case. In reality, they get about 80% of their income from tips. Therefore, when players leave a table with a substantial win and do not tip the dealers, it will definitely disappoint them.

Blaming losses on casino workers

When it comes to serious financial losses, the players’ emotions can go through the roof. In such cases, they tend to blame all their poor decisions on dealers who are just doing their job. Moreover, some overly upset casino guests are doing their best to make the dealers' shift a real nightmare.

Disrespectful smokers

Many smokers perceive dealers as some kind of “slaves” whose feelings can simply be ignored. They often defiantly blow smoke in their faces to somehow punish gambling establishments for their losses. And although dealers are ordinary people who have nothing to do with the millions of dollars that casinos earn, they have to endure even such disrespectful behavior more often than not.

Players under the influence

As a rule, drunk gamblers or those who have used some kind of drugs believe that all casinos work exclusively for them. They distract other players, slow down the game, and annoy the hell out of dealers who try to follow casino standards and stay calm. Instead of asking the guards to get rid of inadequate visitors, they should continue to serve them as long as these players bring profit to a casino.

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