Top 3 Legendary Gambling Events

Despite the thousands of years of gambling being one of the favorite entertainments, this market is still popular. So many people were and will be playing, but how many historical moments in this industry do you know? GBC Time has listed the top 3 popular gambling events that changed or surprised the world.

Daily, land-based casinos welcome millions of people in different countries. Gambling is real entertainment with a slight competition note, but with a friendly atmosphere.

But gambling is not just about gambling. There were fixed a lot of historical events that changed the world or added something new to it.

The Birth of the Sandwich

Probably, the sandwich is one of the most popular meals around the world. It can be variated with the ingredients and is still a very easy-to-eat event while walking. But do you know how did sandwiches become sandwiches?

According to the legend, the first man who tried sandwiches was John Montagu. He was a fan of gambling and card games. He could spend hours and hours playing card games with his friends. Because of his strong вовлеченность, he could not always find time to eat. He solved this problem.

His servants were asked to put meat slices between two bread slices, so he could take them while playing card games. Others saw this brand-new way of eating and started to copy him.

Matthew Webb 

The next man was one of the most fearless people on the planet. Webb was so into the dangerous and extreme challenges. He became the first man to swim the English Channel. It took him 21 hours and 40 minutes. 

After a few other tries, Matthew Webb accepted the challenge to swim across the pools of Niagara Falls. However, at this time, he decided to offer his friends to bet on this try – whether he would achieve it or not. His winning sum was $10 000. But the story is still so tragic because Matthew Webb dove into the water on the 24th of July 1883. He died close to the whirlpools but not so close to winning.

The League of Legends 2016 World Championship

The Most Historical Gambling Events of All Time

League of Legends is one of the most popular video games. The fast-growing esports industry welcomes players and gaming fans to visit different tournaments. And LoL 2016 World Championship was one of these.

However, in 2016, this event is considered to be one of the most-watched events worldwide. The total number of watchers around the world was over 43 million. To fully understand how large this audience was, let us compare the Superbowl 2020 viewers of 102 million.

Esports becomes one of the most famous sports to play and watch as well.

Patricia De Mauro

Patricia DeMauro stayed in the Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel in May 2009. She was gambling time-to-time. And this time was not an exception. She started with slot machines, but then her choice was made on the craps table.

The historical moment happened when Patricia rolled the dice an incredible 154 times without hitting a 7. This took her more than 4 hours. Considering the chances of such results, it was 1 in 156 trillion.

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