TikTok Launches AR Development Space

Virtual and augmented reality has been a trending topic for some time now, with many apps implementing AR features. To stay on top of the competition, the hottest video platform of 2022 – TikTok – launched its AR development space Effect House. From now on, all of TikTok’s creators, designers, and designers can build their own AR effects. Follow the GBC Time website to stay updated.

TikTok rolled out a beta version of the platform last fall. Now, with the Effect House going live, each creator of the social network got access to a vast range of tools for AR effects. Developers can also build AR experiences for their app families. To make the creation process even simpler, TikTok released detailed documentation and online tutorials on how to use the platform and create specific effects, such as:

  • Segmentation;
  • Face mask;
  • Head tracker;
  • 3D face;
  • Face stretch.

Effect house also features a library of templates and Knowledge Lab with live streams from TikTok’s software engineers. In addition, the company has published a rulebook for the use of the platform, to which all the creators must adhere.

Chinese social media app has reportedly launched the AR development space to compete with Facebook and Snapchat, which have already introduced a set of augmented reality tools.

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