The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Twitch Stocks 2021 (Updated)

Twitch is undoubtedly the number one service for live streaming of video games. The service has more than 15 million active users every day. According to the most popular esports news, people are getting more and more interested in video games and the entertainment they can get from them.

The majority of people got used to standard stocks to invest in. However, modern society and the evolution of the digital sphere establish new trends that may seem unusual sometimes. Investing in streamers is, probably, one of such non-typical ideas for investment. Let’s make it clear why buying and selling Twitch streamers are a good opportunity to have fun.

Twitch streamers – stocks that are worth considering

Twitch streamers are those people who play their favorite games and broadcast their gameplays on this platform. The latest data show that the service has 2.5 million monthly streamers and 40 million viewers on average. Broadcasters get money for their activity in the following ways:

  • donations;
  • subscriptions;
  • selling game items;
  • affiliate programs;
  • sponsorships;
  • and others.

Viewers also have opportunities to benefit from this service with the help of TwitchStocks. It works like a real stock market where you can purchase and sell streamers but do it just for fun and without real money. It means that you don’t risk anything and can practice your trader skills in simulated conditions. If you want to explore how the investment market works, this platform is what you need. It is worth mentioning that trading operations are carried out with virtual currency.

TwitchStocks: how to use the service

twitch stocks 2020

There is nothing difficult in using TwitchStocks. The first thing you need to do to start investing is to register on the website. You can create any of these account types: anonymous or Twitch. To register on the platform, a user should fill in a short form. After the registration, you get access to its functionality and can start buying or selling stocks – streamers.

Newcomers get virtual money that they can spend on purchasing stocks. If you sign up on the website for the first time, you will get $100 000 to your balance. Your task is to spend this virtual cash rationally: buy streamers at a low price and sell them high. The TwitchStocks home page includes information about players where you can see their ranking, number of views, and other trending details that may come in handy while choosing a stock to purchase.

The dos and don’ts of the stocks

Of course, all streamers are on different levels of popularity in Twitch. Their level depends on several factors, including:

  • the number of people who are following them;
  • the average number of views;
  • and trading tendencies.

What you should do to succeed is to try to buy the best broadcaster for little money. Then you will be able to sell a streamer at a high price if, of course, you find the ways how to do it. The main recommendation here is not to act impulsively. Imagine that it is a real stock market and you can lose money because of rash actions.

twitch streamer stocks

Don’t forget to analyze the market and examine streamers’ trading diagrams. It will help you to get a clear picture of the current trends and make the prognosis of a decrease or increase of a player’s price.

Besides, here you can find interesting information about the hottest female Twitch streamers.       

The questions you may want to ask about stocks

What is TwitchStocks?

TwitchStocks is a virtual stock service that allows users to buy and sell streamers like stocks.

How do Twitch stocks work?

When you register, you get virtual cash that you can spend on purchasing streamers and then sell them at a high price.

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