The State of New Zealand Online Gambling & Casino Industry in 2023

The casino industry and online gambling in New Zealand are thriving. It has been expanding steadily for many years, with even more gamers signing up with the NZ sites daily. The nation's gaming regulations are fairly liberal compared to various other countries worldwide. In turn, this allows for legal online wagering websites, as seen on Wagering Advisors, to offer services to Kiwi players. In this article, we'll discover the various aspects of this industry, including stats on player numbers in New Zealand as well as the leading payment methods.

Statistics on New Zealand's Gambling Industry

The New Zealand betting sector is among one of the most important parts of the nation's economy. As more and more people check out recommended $5 deposit casinos on, the industry shows no signs of stopping. Additionally, it has been estimated that these low-deposit casinos generate more than $1 billion annually for New Zealand. This translates into about 2% of the GDP of the whole nation.

Some of these earnings come from land-based casinos and also gaming machines. In fact, according to Statista, there were over 1 million tourists in 2018 who invested a total of $2 billion during their stay at casinos across New Zealand's major cities: Auckland, Wellington, and also Christchurch.

Moreover, the New Zealand online gambling market has an estimated worth of $1 billion as of 2023. Still, experts predict this number will rise to as much as $2 billion by 2027.

Is Online Gambling Legal in New Zealand?

The legal status of online gaming in New Zealand is a bit unclear. This can be attributed to the fact that there are no specific legislations or policies regulating it, unlike land-based gambling. Nonetheless, some provisions are made under the Gambling Act 2003, which explicitly deals with remote gaming operators and their customers.

The Gambling Act prohibits any person from conducting or facilitating bets or gaming on behalf of others without a permit issued by the Lotteries Commission. Lotteries Commission is responsible for granting licenses to remote operators who wish to offer their services in New Zealand as well as monitoring compliance with rules set by them through audits conducted periodically by auditors appointed by them every year.

What Is the Future of Online Gambling in New Zealand?

With the quick development of online gaming in New Zealand, it's important to comprehend exactly how this industry will continue to advance. In order to do so, it's useful to think about a few of the trends and developments forming its future.

One significant trend is improvements in technology. For instance, artificial intelligence (AI) has already made a significant effect on gaming by automating numerous processes that used to require human work or expertise. In addition, gamers can expect artificial intelligence to keep expanding as time goes by.

The State of New Zealand Online Gambling & Casino Industry in 2023

In a similar way, virtual reality provides an immersive experience unlike anything else. Currently, gamers can engage with their environment in methods previously impossible outside video games. Furthermore, if virtual reality continues its present trajectory into mainstream adoption, then players need to anticipate an increasing number of operators using this kind of experience.

How Do I Pay at an Online NZ Casino?

The payment methods offered to you will depend upon the casino you select and their country of jurisdiction. Nonetheless, most online operators in NZ supply a wide variety of alternatives that consist of credit/debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, or even cryptocurrency payments.

One of the most popular methods to pay at an online NZ casino is by using your Visa or MasterCard credit card. These also stand for the safest alternative in the sector. Additionally, PayPal is acknowledged worldwide as being one of the safest e-wallets available today, while these sites supply a variety of other payment options, including instant wire transfers via Western Union or MoneyGram.

Skrill is another prominent e-wallet like PayPal but with advanced protection functions such as 2-factor verification along with many more options such as bank transfers via SWIFT.

You can additionally use cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin Cash BCH, which is approved by lots of online casinos. Thanks to blockchain technology, it is also one of the safest payment methods online. It allows gamers from around the globe access without needing to verify their identification before making deposits into their accounts. This makes it exceptionally hassle-free for those that desire privacy when wagering online.


To conclude, online gambling in New Zealand and the casino sector remain in good shape. The market is mature and competitive, which indicates that it supplies gamers with a great deal of options and value for money. With many operators competing for interest, it's very easy to discover an NZ online casino that fits every gamer's choices.

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