The Most Incredible Blackjack Stories Told by Casino Dealers

When it comes to the most popular casino table games in the world, it is hard to underestimate blackjack. This relatively simple card game has already generated numerous amazing stories that can blow the minds of casual players. Today, we decided to focus on these legendary cases and tell you about the most insane blackjack winnings. Although they may seem too unbelievable to be true, dealers from all over the world continue to narrate these stories, and experienced gamblers tend to believe them.

An unplanned bet

We always warn players that they should never approach gambling games under the influence. However, according to the anonymous dealer, he has seen many instances of drunk players winning due to their cocky playing style. When one of these drunken gamblers got distracted from the game to say something to his friend, he inadvertently moved two chips into the betting section and made two unplanned $500 bets. Since his totals were 16 and 17, he did not expect to beat the dealer's strong hand. But with a four and a king as the next cards, the drunk player managed to destroy the dealer and get a solid win.

When billionaires play

Kerry Packer, who happened to be an eccentric billionaire, loved blackjack and spent millions of dollars on it regularly. The dealer who served his personal table at the MGM Grand in 1997 claims that the gambler made $200 000 bets that evening. As a result, Packer ended its session with at least $20 million in winnings. However, many sources also say that Kerry lost that kind of money many times and never worried about it.

Luck for one night

This story happened a long time ago, so do not expect to see any huge numbers here. A lone tramp collected alms near some unknown casino. As a rule, passers-by gave him no more than $5 in chips for the whole day. But one day, he was lucky enough to collect $20. Instead of cashing out those chips, he decided to play blackjack. The stroller used $15 to place the minimum bet and added $5 to it in hopes of getting Perfect Pairs. This bet turned out to be winning, he continued to play at high roller tables and accumulated a pretty solid win.

After he spent the night at the hotel, he started playing again. But this time around, luck was not on his side and took away his small fortune. When he ended his blackjack adventure, he had $100 left only. However, the tramp was not disappointed as he had an excellent time and left the casino with an $80 profit.

Generous tipper

Although this incident was not related to some massive blackjack win, casino dealers have continued to mention it for the past 22 years. In 2000, a player named Ben Affleck won $140 000 and decided to tip the entire amount to the casino workers. The waitresses and dealers could not be happier to serve such a generous and famous gambler. And given that even the door boy was tipped $5 000, it is safe to assume that other employees received an even bigger reward.

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