Sports Apps: Features and Trends in 2020

Akin to the business of entertainment, sports too have made a mark in people’s lives, more so now. The economic evolution of present-day sports is huge as it also influences the travel and hospitality sector, media and entertainment and the gaming sector. In that respect, a lot of digital products in the sports realm have gained immense popularity of late. Here’s a peak at the new features and trends in 2020 in some of the best sports apps.

Types of sporting apps

Aside from the apps that are primarily for personal use workout tracking features, training progress, calorie and heart rate monitoring and more, there are apps with tech solutions for the business segment of sports to assist clubs and land sites and help them manage their teams, resources, the client base.

And then there are global sports apps which include live streaming apps, news apps and tournament apps with a variety of features that focus on score updates, customized news, access to videos and expert games analysis, etc. Some of the best sports apps promote ‘play when you want’ features, live sports and sports wagering options. Apps like the Bleacher Report offer a focused approach on a favourite team or franchise, while 365Scores gives live game and score notifications, video highlights of some of the most popular sports and leagues.

Digital trends

Certain game elements and sports activities can be merged for an additional advantage further to user motivation and fan engagements, whilst entertaining and enjoying various sports or engaging in fitness routines.

Yet another trend in this particular realm is the interactive fitness apps, which interrelate to external trackers or smartphones, for instance, the GPS function defines speed and the running distance, while social media features make for instant sharing of one’s achievements instantly.

Sports apps: key features

Sports apps

SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION. In the present times, most users prefer a personal account, which is customized as well. To that effect, registration is an integral facet of a sports app, which is best done by email or a social network account. The need for social media integration allows users to share their sporting wins, their views and feedback on their favourite sports and teams.

USER INFORMATION. An important feature that requires accurate development, a user’s profile allows the person to edit their personal details and win scores/rating basis the number of followers, scheduled events, organized activities, people they follow, etc.

NEWS FEED. News feed option facilitates the users’ continued interest in the app and any push/email or messaging notifications improve on the availability of latest updates, events and news for the audience.

PAYMENT INTEGRATION. In app purchases, handle the payment bit and with the integration of ready solutions, the app becomes user friendly and revenue generating medium at the same time!

SEARCH BAR. With the click of a button, users can find games of interest, teams, fields, news, score updates, etc., and ample filters makes the search bar both convenient and quick to use.

ADMIN PANEL. A basic managerial section that takes care of an addition/edition or deletion of sports facilities, managing users, creating events, booking reports and detailed game reports is imperative in a sports app as it makes for an easy overview of user activity and the option of gauging and improving the app features.

OFFLINE MODE. The offline mode is a real feature that allows users to access certain app functions without connecting to the Internet. This of course is an added benefit to make the app more user friendly, but also then requires an information sync for an updated version.

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