RocketPlay unveils Sports Jackpots feature

RocketPlay has introduced the Sports Jackpots feature, elevating the gaming experience for sports enthusiasts. With Gold, Silver, and Bronze levels, players stand a chance to win big based on their bets and luck.

The mechanics of Sports Jackpots is simple – each sports bet placed by a player contributes to the jackpot pool across all levels.

How it works:

Bets starting from 5 EUR are eligible to win the Bronze jackpot.

Bets starting from 30 EUR are eligible to win either the Bronze or Silver jackpot.

Bets starting from 50 EUR have the chance to win any of the three jackpots: Bronze, Silver, or Gold.

One of the remarkable features is that winning is not tied to additional wagering requirements.

To participate in the Sports Jackpots, players need to place their bets on the RocketPlay platform. With each bet, players automatically enter the jackpot draw. One more condition – the jackpots evolve dynamically based on total bets, keeping the excitement high. And the more players bet, the higher their chances of claiming the coveted Gold jackpot. Winners are selected at random, adding an element of surprise and suspense to the gaming experience.

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