Riot Wants Game Launcher, Players Obviously Don’t

Game developers releasing their game launchers are a frequent topic in gaming and esports news. Riot Games, one of the leading video games developers and publishers, has decided not to be falling behind its competitors and release its game launcher as well.

It is a disputable question of whether such clients are really helpful for users, but it seems that players don’t look forward to their creation. It won’t become a great surprise if the Prototype video game or other popular titles will get the launcher soon.

When will the client be available, and what to expect from it?

Previously, Riot has already implemented some of the launcher functions into its games. However, now it is going to make a big step ahead and provide a solution, which will allow players to access all available games via one sign-in.

On September 20, the game launcher will be released, but users will get an opportunity to test it only on October 4. Each of the developer’s titles will have a separate page with information about a product. It will be news related to a game.

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