LSports acquires sports data company Statscore

LSports says this acquisition was undertaken to strengthen its data collection capabilities, by integrating a “fully grown” data centre covering 30 sports.  

An Israeli provider, the deal represents the first time LSports has acquired a European company. The provider hopes this is just the start of its expansion ambitions, as it looks to enter the USA, LatAm and Asia. 

LSports Co-Founder and CEO Dotan Lazar said: “We have full confidence in Statscore’s products and its people. Our goal is to produce technology-based, in-depth content.  

“I believe the acquisition of Statscore will lead us to new heights, more B2B products, personalisation and data validation tools that will bring our accuracy level to 100%. Our goal is to double the company in all aspects in a very short period.” 

Lazar went further, committing to a common goal with Statscore of “Bringing life to the most innovative data-powered sports products in the world.” 

Statscore COO Dariusz Łęczyński added: “LSports joining forces with Statscore is nothing but a natural move. To us, it looked like a matter of time as we have been successful partners for a very long time now.  

“Similar visions, yet different approaches to the products and data collection made each company unique. This spectacular potential has a chance to explode once combined.   

“We are thrilled about the common future. I am convinced that the first impressing effects will be deployed sooner than anyone can think.” 

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