Legislation News of the Week: Germany Licenses Two More Online Operators

New financial regulations for Macau casinos. The Georgian authorities have caused serious damage to the gambling market. Meanwhile, Germany has issued licenses to two more online operators. Online gambling reforms are being actively discussed in Uruguay. And Finland is introducing new slot machine rules for players.

Macau casinos get new financial opportunities

In Macau, casinos learned about the revised laws regarding their financial transactions. According to the President of Macau's Second Standing Committee of the Legislative Assembly (AL) Chan Chak Mo, casino operators will be able to accept deposits from their visitors in chips, cash, or through other money transfer services.

The legislative change also allows Macau's casinos to store their earnings in accounts that they can operate at the cashier. At the same time, the revised law warns gambling operators that they cannot offer players any financial benefits for their deposits.

On the one hand, such reform will provide local casinos with more opportunities for growth. But on the other hand, all establishments that will accept deposits will have to participate in various counter-terrorism, anti-money laundering, and other financial programs.

Georgia has introduced strict gambling regulations

More than 1.4 million Georgian gamblers were subjected to the Law on Organizing Lotteries, Games of Chance, and Other Prize Games, which came into force on March 1, 2022. The government banned these players from visiting land-based casinos and playing gambling games on the web.

According to the Revenue Service, the new law covered 1 449 124 residents. When it comes to Georgian players, they are not able to participate in any gambling activity until the age of 25. Foreign residents face less severe requirements as they can visit casinos and gambling sites from the age of 18.

Georgian gambling establishments must keep track of all potential violators of the new regulation through the state register. In addition, both land-based venues and online platforms can no longer advertise their services.

German regulator issues licenses to two more online operators

Earlier this week, German gambling regulator Glücksspielbehörde (GGL) licensed the Novomatic company and allowed it to offer an online slot experience to the players. With this license, the established software provider will be able to promote its subsidiary brand BlueBet Operations in the country.

Novomatic became the sixth company that managed to obtain the online slot license. However, the German players did not have to wait too long for the next licensor. The Crazy Buzzer brand, which belongs to the Gauselmann Group, received an online slot license right after Novomatic. These decisions clearly show that GGL is determined to promote responsible and legal online gambling at an incredible pace.

Uruguay takes serious steps in online gambling regulation

The Uruguayan government is actively trying to legalize and formalize the local online gambling market but it faces significant difficulties. The government executive branch presented an online gambling regulation project recently. The Finance Commission of the Chamber of Senators of Uruguay approved this bill and sent it to the Chamber of Deputies for consideration.

After this stage, the new draft will be sent to the Senate for final discussion and voting. However, the implementation of these regulations has already been heavily criticized in the Chamber of Deputies. The Frente Amplio, an opposition political party, decided that the project lacks an article that would explain the financing of the fight against problem gambling and added it to the bill. Besides that, the party believes that the State should be involved in building an effective responsible gambling framework for all online players.

New slot machine regulation in Finland

Finnish players who prefer to play slot machines will no longer be able to enjoy the gameplay in stores from 9 pm to 9 am. Online betting company Veikkaus, which monopolizes the Finnish gambling market, plans to implement this ban on September 1. While shop owners will be required to disable slot machines for the mentioned period, the rule will not affect any other outlets with gambling equipment.

Another meaningful change will reduce the availability of games drastically. From the first day of autumn, Finnish gamblers will have to identify themselves to start playing at restaurants, petrol stations, or kiosks. On top of that, Veikkaus will provide players with better self-control possibilities. They will be able to ban themselves from playing any slot machine either through a web service or through customer support of the selected outlet.

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