International Esports Federation Welcomes New Members

The International Esports Federation representatives announced that several more nations had entered it. It is important esports news as the organization supports the process of recognition of this vertical by countries throughout the world as well as receiving the legal status.

New countries will help to maintain the esports community

Although esports and video games are gaining popularity in the modern world at a blistering pace, not all states are ready to make it a recognized and legal vertical. The International Esports Federation is focused on promoting esports as a legit activity globally.

The organization’s steps in this direction aren’t useless as recently it has got six new members. It was informed that such nations as Croatia, Armenia, Honduras, Lithuania, Djibouti, Suriname had come in the organization. IESF is going to provide all-encompassing support to the esports federations in these regions, which will help to improve the image of this vertical in the global arena. It is worth mentioning that many countries have established industry bodies, which develop the world of video games and related competitions.

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