Gaming Industry’s Influence on the Metaverse

The whole world has been following the latest news and updates about Metaverse. At this time, the Association of the German Game Industry has provided a survey to find the public opinion about this virtual space. And another subject of the survey was gaming in Germany. Find the hottest global esports news on the website.

According to the report, 7% of Germans want to start using Metaverse, 15% want to find all the details about the space first before using it. Another 13% are ready to use the space as soon as it will be installed. However, 6 out of 10 German citizens don’t even know what the Metaverse is.

The Association of the German Game Industry assures that the gaming sector has one of the main roles in Metaverse building. 3D engines, virtual and augmented reality glasses are the first contributions from the gaming industry. The network technology and concepts from game design are the dominant tools, which constitute the virtual space concept.

The Metaverse influence on the whole Internet development is obvious. Thanks to this, the connection between real and virtual worlds becomes stronger. And this is partly due to the gaming industry.

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