Experts Predict $180B in 2020 for Esports Industry

Several reports confirm that the total capitalization of the esports industry will be close to 180 billion dollars at the end of this year. Login Casino analyses the latest esports news and highlights the most shaking trends in the cybersports world.

The financial attractiveness of the esports industry isn't the news for attentive investors. The gaming sector received special attention during the lockdown and became the primary activity for many people. According to the predictions, the pace of esports growth in 2020 will be about 20%, which means about $180B capitalizations of this niche.

What are the results and forecasts by sector?

The fastest pace belongs to the mobile sector, which is expected to grow by 24% this year, with a capitalization of about $88B. Interestingly, the most contribution is made by the Asia/Pacific region (China in particular), which brings about $57B of the overall mobile gaming revenue.

Being not so popular in China, gaming consoles take second place with an expected rate of $57B and an annual growth of 20%. The release of the new Xbox and PlayStation will push the sector further with the expected similar pace in the upcoming year.

The last place in capitalization belongs to PCs and laptops with 11% tempo in 2020 and turn over about $40B. However, one has to understand that this number doesn't include the hardware sales (while consoles' sales were included in the previous paragraph) as it's hard to determine which of them were sold for office and gaming needs.

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