Esports Difficulties Caused by Lack of Regulation – Rosander

Esports has become a habitual part of the global gambling industry thanks to the huge cybersport events and tournaments. Some of the bookmakers have already been focused on esports only, because of the audience size, which is phenomenal. However, the industry’s experts insist on the problematic issues that must be solved. More news on the GBC Time website.

Luckbox CEO Thomas Rosander calls on the constant regulation for the industry, because of its perspectives for the future. Such a statement was made at the ICE London 2022 – one of the greatest esports events of the year.

Despite the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC), which has been focused on the protection from corruption and manipulation issues, the difficulties haven’t gone, yet. The establishment provides a multiple-stage review for the players. Some of the coaches and athletes were banned by the authority.

According to the multiple problems for the esports participators, Rosander has insisted on the regulatory actions for the whole industry.

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