Cloud Security Trends for 2022

Cloud security was one of those sectors affected by the global pandemic. Ermetic, a cloud-native security platform provider, has researched the market and reported the future trends for 2022. The provider has also warned the industry about possible difficulties. More news is on the GBC Time website.

The significant activity increase of the hackers raises suspicions about a more creative approach in 2022. Ermetic is sure that the companies will face unpredictable cyber attacks. Therefore it is important to stay tuned for the security updates.

Cloud breaches will become more common. This is also confirmed by the International Data Corporation (IDC) survey. 98% of the businesses faced at least one cloud data breach from 2020 to 2021. According to this data, the companies must be ready to invest in the needed tools for security improvement.

It is also expected to face the implementation of zero trust in 2022. According to the Okta survey, 82% of organizations plan to implement zero-trust by the next 12-18 months.

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