Atari to Launch Novel Casino Experience in the Metaverse

Gaming and software giant Atari will launch an immersive casino experience in its own vision of the metaverse. The application will be gambling-focused and built upon an NFT infrastructure. Following this strategy is typical of the current status quo of the market but given the technical expertise and experience profile Atari possesses, the project has already attracted a lot of positive attention and anticipation.

Metaverse casinos like the one Atari have built aim to provide users with a high-fidelity virtual reality experience that feels and looks the same as being at a physical venue. ©sarangib/Pixabay

It was only in March 2021 that Atari announced its plans to launch a novel gambling experience in the metaverse, a crypto casino with a plethora of virtual experiences. The Unity engine powers the game graphics, and users can expect the experience to be one of the most high-fidelity simulations ever made within the current range of metaverse products. The launch was originally supposed to go live within Vegas City in Decentraland, but now it appears the game will exist away from the game.

With the official launch not officially announced, it remains to be seen exactly what functionalities will be in the game, and we don’t have an exact launch date yet. It does now seem that things are gathering momentum and the metaverse will see the grand opening of its first-ever crypto casino. This application of the technology, for now, seems to be completely true to the novel casino possibilities that NFTs will enable.

The pre-teaser trailer has already been released and the marketing effort around this project is being ramped up massively. It’s clear from the outset that Atari has major ambitions for the revenue potential of this project. With a clear and obvious incentive to leverage their game-development backing and form an authentic blockchain agenda, it does now appear that Atari will become a major player in the web3 space going forward.

Exploring the Metaverse’s First Casino

After you’ve signed in through one of the supported web3 wallets, such as Metamask, the game allows you to create a character and design your outfit, precisely as one would have the option to do in Grand Theft Auto, or other similar games. Once the pre-administration tasks have been resolved you’ll be able to take the first steps into the venue itself.

The interior of the casino is reminiscent of a regular land-based casino, with the familiar décor and layout to make the user experience as recognizable as possible. In terms of the gaming possibilities, you’ll find all the regular favorites here, with slot machines, roulette, and blackjack all widely available to be used. In addition to the classic gaming options located around the hall, you can also visit a special stand inside the room where your character can buy new NFTs.

Video game lovers will also be very pleased to know that Atari has included the functionality to play some of its most popular titles to ever launch. Games like Asteroids are playable through terminals within the casino. The surrounding area of the casino also has purchasable land that can be bought, rented, and sold just like regular real estate. The buildings next to the casino will serve almost as off-premises locations where casino visitors in the Metaverse can go back into when they lose interest in the current range of products available.

Atari Token Powering the Platform

In order to play in the metaverse, casino Atari has created, you’ll need to turn up loaded with the native cryptocurrency for the platform. It’s an Ethereum based token which means you’ll be hit with incredible gas fees at the moment, with these fees coming into play whenever you seek to make a deposit or withdrawal from the casino. As the rollout for Ethereum 2.0 gathers momentum, there is hope that this problem will be mostly alleviated.

The Atari token was first issued in 2020 and can be used to buy NFTs, gamble in the casino, leave tips to other users on the platform, and generally used as a medium of exchange for all services that can be purchased in these virtual worlds. Like all ideas in their initial stage, they sound great on paper, but let’s see how it performs when the platform goes live soon.

Operating on the ERC-20 protocol the tokenomics set by Atari for this project resemble that of a tightly controlled and well-managed token. The maximum supply is 7.7 billion tokens, and so far slightly more than a quarter of those have been issued. With lots of exciting things coming down the line from Atari, it’s safe to say there is a lot of potential behind this one.

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