Alienware Gaming PCs: Mastery of Delivering Quality & Design (Updated)

Being the subsidiary of globally-known computing firm Dell, Alienware specializes in the developing and selling of gaming computers and related accessories. The company uses the world leaders' hardware and software to produce the best gaming PCs and laptops. Even though the company's products aren't the cheapest on the market, their design and productivity power transform the gaming process into a pleasant experience. Login Casino presents a comprehensive guide to the firm's prehistory, recent activity, marketing specifics, and Alienware's role in the current esports world.

The path to the glory

Alienware started their way to the globally known company in 1996 in Miami. Two enthusiasts, Alex Aguila and Nelson Gonzalez, founded the firm that had to build PCs, workstations, laptops, and gaming consoles. That was a harder way compared to just buying esports stocks and watching how they are growing through the years. As the founders were fans of the fiction series 'The X-Files', the next year, they renamed 'Saikai of Miami' to 'Alienware,' which is still the name of the brand that delivers gaming stations all over the world. Interestingly, the founders were so dedicated to fiction themes that they called some product lines after famous places related to space trials.

Even though the firm wasn't producing its hardware and software, the founders' ability to combine the existing details into a functioning device gave them wide recognition. Thus, Dell announced its interest in buying the company in 2002 and combining their retail facilities to move both brands faster. However, the deal was closed only in four years, and Alienware received a subsidiary status of the world-known trademark.

The merger had a clear plan for how the companies were going to cooperate. Thus, Dell received a ruling power in the new brand chiefs' board and added more marketing power on the global scene. At the same time, Alienware received a narrow gaming sector and one competitor less as Dell removed their gaming focus from the market. Since that time, Dell has focused on industrial and corporate sectors, while Alienware became one of the primary names in the narrower gaming industry.

Why is an Alienware gaming PC one to pay attention to now?

One of Alienware's principles of building a gaming station was an attentive look at innovations. Managers know all the latest esports news and pay a lot of attention to choosing the right hardware and software for PCs, notebooks, and consoles. For instance, right after the appearance, the company fastly switched to the Intel Core processor family known as i3, i5, and i7. This CPU technology is one of the best choices for gaming PCs for about a decade in terms of consumption and productivity.


At the same time, Alienware is keeping its fingers on the pulse of innovations. Thus, the firm is usually choosing the most reliable GPUs for the gaming decisions they produce. Even though the primary hardware for recent Alienware's products is produced by Intel (CPUs) and NVIDIA (GPUs), the firm also has gaming blocks made on AMD processors and ATI's graphics. The company also uses dual SSD cards, RAM with passive cooling, reliable power supplies, and only leading motherboards when combining the hardware into the gaming PC or notebook. In other words, the company is somewhat flexible in its decisions and reacts to market changes and trends.

Such a non-conservative approach to creating gaming devices gives them wide clients' base and recognition. However, Alienware's primary direction is producing unique cases for PC and laptops, which are designed in a rather specific way. In practice, it means that any customer can receive a recognized and powerful gaming station in a unique case. The latter usually includes fiction shapes and backlight, which make the gaming process more entertaining.

One of Alienware's review's hardest aspects is defining the price/quality ratio as the essential aspect before buying a gaming PC or laptop. On the one hand, the firm's devices aren't the cheapest on the market. On the contrary, the company chooses a pretty balanced approach to combining hardware, software, and related services. In other words, the owner of Alienware's gaming gadget receives a balanced and robust system, which is guaranteed by the experienced and authoritative firm. Our online magazine won't persuade someone where the balance between price and quality is.

Alienware gaming gear

Every gamer knows that having a powerful PC or laptop is only the beginning of an entertaining way. The smooth gameplay also depends on the monitor's quality, keyboard, mouse, headset, and even gaming chair or mouse pad.

alienware gaming pc

For instance, one of the most critical aspects of most RPG and shooting games is Frames per Second (FPS) rate, which depends on both the hardware and monitor. The ordinary monitor has 60 MHz frequency, while the gaming ones that are used at professional tournaments have 240 MHz. Of course, the ordinary gamer won't feel the four-time difference, but it is a vital disparity on the pro level. When the talk is about mouses or keyboards, they also have essential technical characteristics like the dots per inch (DPI) parameter, response speed, or buttons' quality.

Alienware's representatives know all these aspects even better than the author of this review. That is why this firm offers a line of professional gaming gear. Clients can buy:

  • сurved high-frequency monitors;
  • comfortable headsets with high-calls audio;
  • gaming chairs;
  • reliable keyboards with backlight;
  • qualitative wireless mouses;
  • bags for comfortable transporting of laptops or other gaming gear.

What is Alienware's contribution to the recent esports world?

It's vital to mention that almost all the gaming gear that Alienware suggests to its clients can be used for professional esports tournaments. The American igaming industry forecast at the beginning of 2020 assumed that this industry would grow significantly in the upcoming years. Interestingly, the coronavirus pandemic even facilitated this process. Of course, official LAN events suffered, but home gaming increased and opened even wider cybersport opportunities for the firms like Alienware.

Simultaneously, the primary contribution that Alienware can make for the business esports direction is technical sponsorship and support of the tournaments. Traditionally, cooperation conditions depend on the particular situation, and the supportive function from Alienware's side correlates with the amount of the audience that follows the event. Notably, the regarded firm can supply almost everything for organizing the professional cybersport event.

alienware uk

Alienware UK, EU, and US retail conditions

As the primary Alienware's target audience isn't top esports teams but complete gaming retail, their trading approach with fast delivery and shipping possibilities was way effective during the lockdown. In the contemporary world, sometimes, there is no need to keep a vast retail network in every big city or even country. Globalization allowed people to receive international packages in a couple of days with small transporting fees, and Alienware uses this possibility with great pleasure.

Clients from almost all the countries can receive their gaming machine fastly (depending on the delivery specifics of a particular state) while there are warehoused in the most developed countries. For instance, the gamer from the UK, Australia, Japan, or Germany can receive a powerful PC for games in 1-2 days after setting and paying for the purchase. There are no doubts that cooperation with Dell makes this process much easier, along with suggesting broad support in most countries.

Of course, to attract a wider audience and be competitive on the market, Alienware uses flexible payment approaches. It means not only a vast choice of paying values and methods but also installments systems from 6 to 18 months. The no-interest payments period depends on the particular product and additional local aspects, but the company knows and applies economic trends.

Who needs to download Alienware Arena?

Another recently important element of every esports firm is developing the mobile application and fulfilling it with appropriate functionality. However, this process is more complicated for hardware firms like Alienware as creating the needed interactivity is way harder. Nevertheless, the regarded brand found the decision and used an approach similar to gaming platforms like Steam.

Alienware Arena can be downloaded from the Google Play Marker and AppStore and suggests to its clients the following possibilities:

  • promotion information (sales, promo codes, and others);
  • creating and sharing content;
  • voting for the quality of the content others created;
  • daily quests;
  • daily rewards.

alienware arena

One can notice that such a way of fulfilling the mobile app really creates the need to install Alienware Arena for its clients. Even though there are 10 000 + downloads for Android and iOS gadgets, which is a relatively small number for a cyber platform, one has to remember the firm's specifics. If the number of active app users is more than 10 thousand, that is a good sign for the retail hardware company.

What concerns the feedback about the Alienware Arena, it is quite traditional to the mobile apps. Some of the customers complain about technical problems; others aren't happy with the authentication process or the number of ads in the application. In contrast, some customers enjoy daily quests and smooth functioning. All in all, the Google Play Market ratio for Alienware Arena is 3.6, while Apple users voted for 4.2. The most important here is that the application is regularly updated, and programmers are fixing its problems.

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