AI, Crypto & VR: Emerging Casino Trends for the Future

AI and VR have shaped many industries in the past couple of years. The most well-known industry that has adopted these technologies is the video gaming industry, with AI shaping the future of gaming graphics to heights only dreamt of before and VR creating truly immersive experiences for those who can afford them.

Another industry that has grabbed onto these two technologies tightly along with cryptocurrencies, is the online casino industry. Some interesting trends have been predicted, regarding the use of these technologies.

How AI is changing the casino industry

AI is changing the casino industry in leaps and bounds, improving customer experiences by helping casinos anticipate and predict customer and player preferences and needs. AI uses player habits to offer them new games the player may like. AI can even optimize a game to suit the player's individual preferences. Meaning that if two players with different preferences are playing the same online casino game, each experience will be different from the other and tailored to each specific taste.

Another reason that AI is one of the best technologies for online betting and gambling is that it is being used to add an element of skill-based gaming to attract a younger audience to the casino market. It has been used alongside AI to make already challenging games, such as blackjack and poker, retain their challenge but make them easier to learn.

Lastly, AI is helping online casinos automate and streamline user experiences with customer service bots that can handle commonly occurring errors and situations that do not require human intervention. It also allows for FAQ sections to be automatically updated as queries become more frequently requested.

How crypto is helping to shape online casino’s future

Crypto is becoming a big part of the online casino industry. It allows customers and players complete anonymity keeping them and their information safe from fraudsters. Using crypto allows both online casinos and their users peace of mind by mitigating both parties' exposure to fraud and identity theft.

AI, Crypto & VR: Emerging Casino Trends for the Future

Cryptocurrencies have also allowed people in regions with strict gambling laws to enjoy their favorite pastime by allowing them to keep their identities completely anonymous. It also allows players to try games that have only been launched outside of the player’s home region. It is worth noting that to take advantage of this feature of crypto payments, it needs to be paired with a VPN.

Cryptocurrencies also allow for faster and more secure withdrawals, alongside lower charges making it a popular choice for many online gamblers. Crypto’s growth in popularity means that offering crypto as a way to pay and withdraw could be the difference between good, great, and the best place to play free online slots.

How VR is helping online casinos look toward the future

VR has been a rather controversial technology due to its availability in the consumer market. Most of the controversy has been around the costs of the equipment and the relatively slow acceptance from developers as a viable platform. These issues, however, are limited to the PC and video game industries. The good news is that mobile gaming and, by extension, the online gambling industries have embraced technology rather emphatically.

The costs for mobile VR equipment are far more affordable and have a much larger user base than that of its PC counterpart. This makes VR a promising and exciting prospect for mobile and online casinos. VR can offer truly immersive and interactive gaming experiences to audiences. VR also allows online casinos to offer new experiences to long-term clients as well as create intriguing opportunities for younger audiences that may not have been interested in online gambling without the VR aspect.

Another notable trend that has appeared due to the explosive growth of mobile accessories is that people have also started playing casino games from their smartwatches. This is not surprising as top-of-the-range smartwatches are becoming powerful computing devices.

However, smartwatches do not offer the same potential growth for the overall industry as VR does. It is more of a supplementary option for quick and convenient games for existing players, whereas VR offers new and exciting gaming options to grow the existing player base.

AI, Crypto & VR: Emerging Casino Trends for the Future


There are many reasons to be excited about the future of online gambling and slot games. VR, AI, and crypto are only the tip of the iceberg of what casinos have in store for the future and what will propel them forward for a long time to come.

Some of the best VR casino games are already making waves in the market. VR will only continue to become more affordable and capable of creating immersive realities that will keep players active and entertained for hours at a time. With massive international companies like Meta, Microsoft, and Sony continuing to invest millions and millions in the technology, it is only a matter of time before it becomes more widely adopted.

Whereas crypto has already started taking over as the preferred method of paying and withdrawing at online and mobile casinos. It has also become more ubiquitous for other online activities, such as shopping and investing. Despite the recent crypto crash, the currencies continue to remain popular among casinos and players alike, proving the staying power of the technology and that the users of cryptocurrencies value the importance of the decentralized market that keeps security, ease of access, and anonymity as top priorities.

AI has already changed so much of our daily lives for the better, from basic yet powerful AI that powers your mobile phone’s camera to massive neural networks solving complex and life-threatening illnesses such as the new antibiotic being discovered and created by MIT’s AI neural network.

The mind runs rampant with ideas that can come from such powerful technology when combined with online slots. From automatically generated suggestions based on previously played games to casino games personally tailored to your skill level and tastes as you play through the game. Clearly, the future is bright and filled with unbridled excitement.

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