3 Oaks Gaming Head of Sales About iGaming Trends in 2023

Krasimir Pankovski, Head of Sales at 3 Oaks Gaming, has shared exclusive details on the company’s approach to the business, future plans, and outlook on the industry in the GBC Time interview below.

What are the top features and tools 3 Oaks uses in iGaming content development in 2023? Are there any specific trends that are followed by the major part of casino players worldwide?

The main thing for us at 3 Oaks Gaming is to offer a product that is unique and gives players the ultimate experience. Over the past two years, we have had real success with our Lucky Drops and Jackpots promotional tools. The reason is that these two tools, in particular, have allowed operators some form of flexibility. They have been able to keep things fresh by subtly tweaking these into what they feel is the right environment for them.

We also have a real interest in continuing to develop our Hold and Win offering. This is a classic mechanic that has been used since slots were devised but these continue to evolve and players seem to enjoy what this series has to offer.

In terms of global trends, as long as the slot offers fast gameplay and has distinctive elements to it, players will always engage with it from wherever they are in the world.

Do you consider the geo factor while developing iGaming products? How may this affect the final outcome?

Certainly! We do try and develop products that will be popular within a certain region. Italy, for example, is a really mature market now and players there know what they want. They like a game that has already earned a stellar reputation in the industry, so anything that incorporates features from Hold and Win slots will always do well in this region. This will be different from countries that are only just being regulated so it can be tricky to define what players in these newly-regulated jurisdictions prefer. You have to adapt to the audience and it is really interesting how each market differs in terms of structure.

Slots are one of the oldest categories of casino gaming. However, it is still quite popular among the players in the world. What is the secret? Why doesn’t slot gaming age at all?

The simplest way to put it is that slots move with the times. As I said earlier, mechanics such as Hold and Win will always have their place in the sector but these never stand still. Each and every Hold and Win game that is released will always differ from the previous one, whether that has been a variation of the Bonus game or a completely new symbol or feature. If this mechanic never evolved, then slots would gradually lose their popularity and it would be the beginning of the end for the industry. So, it is vital that new and vibrant mechanics keep being created and the established ones keep adapting.

Since we found out what makes slot gaming popular among consumers, what can mess it up? What are the most common mistakes casino gaming developers can make?

As I touched on, if developers stand still then their games will be on the wane with consumers. Developers have to keep abreast of the latest trends, what types of games are doing well, and what players are enjoying presently. Research is key for any gaming developer so they need to be aware of what the current attraction is for users.

What are the primary goals 3 Oaks Gaming is setting up for the rest of 2023?

We’re currently focused on acquiring licenses to expand the company’s presence across the globe. The UK, Romania, Malta, and Greece are all on our radar, as well as certificates in South Africa, Bulgaria, Netherlands, and Ontario. These efforts are part of 3 Oaks Gaming’s climb to being one of the most established iGaming distributors in the world.

Promotional tools remain a key component of what we want to achieve and a new interface is scheduled for release later in 2023 we are also in the process of creating a new tool that is stacked with retention mechanics so Italy is a primary focus for us with this.

What do you think makes 3 Oaks Gaming special among all the competition in the market?

We absolutely strive to improve. We want to learn and we are a “new kid on the block” but already have had a rapid expansion across Europe, where we are earning a reputation as a distributor of world-leading quality.

Our aim is to produce the best content possible, across all of our slots and promo tools. Our team is incredibly dedicated to ensuring that our approach is first-class across all departments and we want to become number one in the sector. At the moment, we are continuing down that path, and long may it continue!

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